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  • Winter Party on the theme of HOPE!
    2.00 – 4.00pm Saturday 23rd January
    2.00 – 4.00pm Saturday 23rd January
    Milford Haven Quakers invite you to our Winter Party – for the first, and hopefully the last time, online – a celebration of our HOPES (I hope so!)
  • Milford Haven Quakers' online Study Group
    Wednesday Evenings at 7.00pm
    Wednesday Evenings at 7.00pm
    Our midweek get together to explore our Quaker world through sharing.
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    Sundays at 11.00
    Online Zoom Meeting
    Sundays at 11.00
    Online Zoom Meeting
    Where we gather whilst our Meeting House is closed and our outdoor Meetings are not possible.
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Quaker Service is a Quaker charity which provides support for people in Northern Ireland going through difficult times. By delivering practical, social and emotional support services that value and empower people just where they are, we play our part in reducing violence, suffering and disadvantage. Our work is often with those in our society who are the most forgotten, unpopular or sometimes viewed as "undeserved". Simply put, our core purpose is to make love visible

Quaker Service currently delivers 2 main services:

Quaker Cottage, a cross-community family day care centre in west Belfast – delivering daily therapy for mums with childcare and projects for young people up to 18 years

Quaker Connections, a volunteer programme based at Maghaberry Prison, where families visiting prison and people in prison are supported through befriending and practical support services.  Services are currently available at all the prison establishments in Northern Ireland



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8 January 2021


11th December 2020

The work on the drainage at the front of the building has now been completed and we once more can have access. There are signs that the work has had the intended effect of addressing the rising damp.

Work to install a French Drain to the rear of the building will begin in January.

We shall also have woodworm treatment done to the building in the near future.


11 December 2020

The Lambston Parish Residents’ Association have spent a day cutting back some of the encroaching overgrowth at the burial groud

The Friends Burial Ground at Sutton to the West of Haverfordwest is well worth visiting. Friends might want to help maintain it by cutting back some of the overgrowth each time, which will help preserve the access. Every little will help!

It is a wonderful place to sit and meditate awhile because of its tranquil ambiance. The approach through the avenue of beech trees is very atmospheric.

It must be the oldest Quaker related site in Pembrokeshire still in the hands of the Society, having been in use since 1661.


11 December 2020

Our friend John Hargraves has welcomed a party of asylum seekers for a day at Green Apple. Food was supplied by our friends from Haverfordwest. The day was a success and it is to be hoped that it will be repeated.

The men really need a respite from their life at Penally waiting to learn where they are to be dispersed to.

The x-army camp is not the most welcoming of places, made worse by the hostility expressed by some groups of protesters opposed to the presence of asylum seekers there.

We have contributed towards the transport costs for the day.


9th January 2021

At Area Meeting, among the business dealt with, a number of policies were adopted (Data Protection and Health, Safety & Risk Management), we began further work on our Environment and Sustainability Policy, and we heard the report about the Spiritual Review.

Friends are invited to further engage with the Spiritual Review process via the SR Blog.

We decided that the Being Quaker | Living Quaker event on Saturday February 13th will be about Black Lives Matter.

Contact our Clerk to receive a copy of the minutes.



Quakers do not stand apart from the world but have a history of being involved, joining with other to bring about change.

True godliness don’t turn men out of the world, but enables them to live better in it, and excites their endeavours to mend it: not hide their candle under a bushel, but set it upon a table in a candlestick.

William Penn, 1682



Crowd Cheering


Each week an Advice & Query will be posted here

Since 1682 it has been our practice to ask "How the Truth has prospered amongst them (Quakers) since the last yearly meeting, and how Friends are in peace and unity?"

That question has evolved into our 42 Advices and Queries. Each month one is chosen to be read to the Meeting for those present to reflect on. Periodically they are revised in the light of contemporary experience. They are challenges to encourage examination of your spiritual life.

Each week one of the Advices and Queries will be posted here. Please take time to read and consider how it bears on your life.

Advices & Queries No. 20

Do you give sufficient time to sharing with others in the meeting, both newcomers and long-time members, your understanding of worship, of service, and of commitment to the Society’s witness? Do you give a right proportion of your money to support Quaker work?


A History of Quakers in Pembrokeshire

by Stephen Griffiths

£4.95 plus postage.

Stephen Griffiths was a member of our Meeting form 1949 until his death in 2010 at the age of 101. He taught for many years at Pembroke Grammar School. He was born and raised in Blaenau Ffestiniog and wrote several books and articles in his native Welsh.

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