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Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) is a UK-based organisation working to end the international arms trade.

The arms business has a devastating impact on human rights and security, and damages economic development. Large scale military procurement and arms exports only reinforce a militaristic approach to international problems.

In seeking to end the arms trade, CAAT's priorities are:

  • to stop the procurement or export of arms where they might:

    • exacerbate conflict, support aggression, or increase tension

    • support an oppressive regime or undermine democracy

    • threaten social welfare through the level of military spending

  • to end all government political and financial support for arms exports

  • and to promote progressive demilitarisation within arms-producing countries.

CAAT considers that security needs to be seen in much broader terms that are not dominated by military and arms company interests. A wider security policy would have the opportunity to reallocate resources according to actual threats and benefits, including addressing major causes of insecurity such as inequality and climate change.

CAAT values the diversity of opinion amongst its supporters and is committed to nonviolence in all its work.

CAAT was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, the Alternative Nobel Prize, in 2012 for innovative and effective campaigning against the global arms trade.



Milford Haven Quakers - What's happening.


11 September 2020


13 April 2020

The idea of making textile panels which can be exhibited if we wish and can travel to be displayed at the International Climate conference in Glasgow.
The idea arose at a conference on climate change at Swarthmore Hall.  Some lovely textile panels were made. The project is now being supported by Woodbrooke.

People were asked  to respond to three questions:-
1.What or who do you love that is in danger from environmental breakdown?
2.How do you and your lifestyle contribute to that threat?
3. How can you be part of the solution?  Small things make a difference!

We are asked to make a design in any way using textiles of any kind on a 30 centimetre square.  It should have a border around which I think should be at least a centimetre and I would make a bigger border at the top in case we want to hang it or put a small rod through it. ( probably about 4 or more centimetres).
The design could be knitted, crocheted, appliquéd, embroidered, a fabric collage applied to the square with glue if you don’t like sewing! Etc,?!

I would invite the other Meetings to join us and we will have an exhibition at Milford Haven Meeting House and then it could travel to other venues before going to Glasgow—-if that is a what you would like.  Please invite your non-Quaker friends to join the  project!

There is a website & Facebook page: LovingEarthProject

Best wishes and please let me know if you are going to have a go.
Anne Gregson. 


11th September 2020

Work has started to improving the drainage to the front of the building. The aim is to help dry the walls by lowering the ground water level next to the foundations. A French drain is being installed, and extra vents fitted. It will not be possible to visit the Meeting House whilst the work is being done.


10 August 2020

The Friends Burial Ground at Sutton to the West of Haverfordwest is well worth visiting. Friends might want to help maintain it by cutting back some of the overgrowth each time, which will help preserve the access. Every little will help!

It is a wonderful place to sit and meditate awhile because of its tranquil ambiance. The approach through the avenue of beech trees is very atmospheric.

It must be the oldest Quaker related site in Pembrokeshire still in the hands of the Society, having been in use since 1661.


1st September 2020

Dear Friends,
We are now ready to go on to answering the question:-
How would you like to see SWAM in one year’s time? What is your dream?

We have included the following links from the Simpler Meetings Project and Ben Pink Dandelion’s Swarthmore Lecture “Open for Transformation” which may give you some inspiration. They are worth watching.

We feel that conversations and the sharing of ideas/hopes/dreams could be helpful, so we will set up some Zoom Meetings.  (Details of which will follow).
 You can also email us your hopes and dreams for SWAM or send us something by post.  Phone calls are fine too.
 Joan Darbyshire
 Brian Jackson
 Pam Greenup
 Just to remind you, the primary purpose of Area Meeting is to:
Develop and maintain a community of Friends, a family of local meetings who gather for worship, mutual support, administration, learning, deliberation and social life which can make its meetings enjoyable occasions and build up the spiritual life of its members’ 4.02 QF&P
The way this is achieved is up to us all to discern.
 In Friendship,
The Spiritual Review group


September 2020

Dear Friends
I hope this email finds you and your Meeting well. My name is Clair, from Bridgend LM, and I’m one of SWAM’s Quaker Life Representative Council co-reps, along with Rhiannon Clark from Swansea LM. We attend the biannual Rep Councils on an alternate basis.
I will be attending the next Rep Council on 10 October. The theme is “Reimaging our future” and I would be delighted if you would share your thoughts, reflections and ideas – I have attached the questions. A whole-meeting response and/or individual responses will be most welcome and really helpful.
Rep Council will provide an opportunity to reflect on these questions and to share your responses to them reflectively and worshipfully; in sharing, listening and conversation. There will be the chance to name those things that have been difficult and the things we have missed. We will look particularly at what we have learnt, where we have found inspiration, what has strengthened us and what new opportunities have been opened to us.
Your and your meeting’s views are important, so please do get in touch.
If you reply by email it would be really helpful if you were to start the subject line with Reimaging our future. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you. I’d appreciate it if you would reply by Thursday 8 October in order to give me time to read and collate your feedback.
In peace and friendship
Clair Gwilliam
QLRC co-rep/Bridgend LM



Quakers do not stand apart from the world but have a history of being involved, joining with other to bring about change.

True godliness don’t turn men out of the world, but enables them to live better in it, and excites their endeavours to mend it: not hide their candle under a bushel, but set it upon a table in a candlestick.

William Penn, 1682



Crowd Cheering


Each week an Advice & Query will be posted here

Since 1682 it has been our practice to ask "How the Truth has prospered amongst them (Quakers) since the last yearly meeting, and how Friends are in peace and unity?"

That question has evolved into our 42 Advices and Queries. Each month one is chosen to be read to the Meeting for those present to reflect on. Periodically they are revised in the light of contemporary experience. They are challenges to encourage examination of your spiritual life.

Each week one of the Advices and Queries will be posted here. Please take time to read and consider how it bears on your life.

Advices & Queries No. 24

Children and young people need love and stability. Are we doing all we can to uphold and sustain parents and others who carry the responsibility for providing this care?


A History of Quakers in Pembrokeshire

by Stephen Griffiths

£4.95 plus postage.

Stephen Griffiths was a member of our Meeting form 1949 until his death in 2010 at the age of 101. He taught for many years at Pembroke Grammar School. He was born and raised in Blaenau Ffestiniog and wrote several books and articles in his native Welsh.


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