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  • Meeting House, Meditation & Wellbeing Centre

  • Links to Upcoming Events and to New & View

Quakers at a Glance

  • The Quaker Testimonies

  • Links to Britain Yearly Meeting  and Meeting of Friends in Wales

About Milford's Meeting

  • What our Meeting our like

  • Self discipline in Meeting

  • The different rooms & spaces


  • The Wellbeing Centre

  • Our Quaker Meetings

  • The Quaker Way


  • Pierre Lacout on the power of silence

Our Story

  • Quaker, Whales, Poets & Peace

  • Waldo Williams

  • The Quaker Tapestry

  • Milford Haven in 1947


  • Contact form

  • Address & Tel #

  • Location


  • Who are the Quakers

  • Quaker belief

  • Quaker faith in action

  • Quaker 'worship'

Our spaces

  • The three spaces we let out

Plan of the Meeting House

The Wellbeing Centre

  • Views of the Wellbeing Centre

The Nantucket Suite

  • Views of the Nantucket Suite


  • Services on offer

  • Links to practitioners

Upcoming Events

  • Details of events with RSVP option

News & Views

  • Pin board of what's been happening

Being Involved

  • Charities we regularly support

Advices & Queries

  • The week's Advice & Queries


  • History of Quakers in Pembrokeshire

Download Files

  • Files, mainly about our history, which can be downloaded from our Google Drive.

Quaker Action

  • Quaker Social Action

  • Quaker Roots

  • Quaker Peace & Social Witness

  • Quaker Concern for the Abolition of Torture

  • Quaker Asylum & Refugee Network

  • Living Witness (sustainability)

Quaker Diversity

  • Experiment with Light

  • Quaker Universalist Group

  • Quaker Truth and Integrity Group

  • Non-theist Quakers

  • Zen & Quaker Practice (Plum Village)

  • Quaker Gender Diversity Community

Swarthmore Lecture

  • The annual lecture given a Britain Yearly Meeting

Salter Lecture

  • The annual lecture given to the Quaker Socialist Society


  • The Quaker Study Centre

Quaker Peace and Social Witness

  • The central peace and service department of Quakers in Britain
  • Links to QUNO, Prison Chaplains, Restorative Justice, Turning the Tide, Quaker Peace Network

Milford Haven Local Meeting's photo gallery

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