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South Wales Area Meeting Sunday Evening MfW

As usual, you are warmly invited to the half-hour meeting for worship held on Sunday evenings at 7pm.

South Wales Area Meeting Sunday Evening MfW

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Dear Friend,

As usual, you are warmly invited to the half-hour meeting for worship  held on Sunday evenings at 7pm. If you haven’t attended before, we’ve  included a message about the meeting below the joining details (the same  link and passcode each Sunday)

Please ask for the link via our contact form.

About this online meeting for worship:

Some Friends attend this evening meeting often or occasionally in  addition to their own local worship held at another time, while for  others this is their only opportunity to worship in community. It's  therefore a unique and well-attended occasion when Friends across South  Wales join together in worship. Everyone is welcome.

The meeting is open to join after 6:45. We settle into silence  just before 7 to enable worship to begin in stillness. During the first  10-15 minutes or so a Friend will offer as ministry a short reading they  have chosen, which might be a passage from Quaker faith & practice,  or it could be something else. Anyone can offer to bring the reading  for a particular Sunday: email to agree a date. What you read is up to  you – to choose in advance or decide in the moment.

We share the eldership between us, members and attenders alike, with  one Friend each week serving as the elder for that meeting. At 7.30 the  elder draws worship to a close and invites us to move into a period of  ‘Afterword’, when we hold the stillness – for as long as feels right –  for anyone to offer a thought that arose for them in worship, or to  respond to the reading or other ministry. Afterword tends to develop  naturally into conversation after 15 minutes or so, and the meeting  usually closes at around 8pm, but people leave when they are ready.

We look forward to seeing you at meeting for worship.

In friendship

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