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Quakers in West Wales Asylum Concern

Where we feel we want to put our personal energies. What do we think the group can most effectively do together.

Quakers in West Wales Asylum Concern

Time & Location

To be determined


About the event

A place for spiritual support and nurture and sharing of asylum/refugee/migration concerns. People can bring concerns, campaigns, difficulties, hope, news of local refugee families etc not in a formal setting with an agenda and notes, but more like worship sharing and very much in the spirit of supporting one another."


From BYM

from Judy:

This is useful ( and tragic) information to refute the government's claim that the Australian approach  to asylum seekers is effective and should be copied here. I have read accounts of the horrendous conditions in the island prisons where they were hidden from oversight, and unable to escape.

Our next meeting is  on 4th April at 7.30pm (I have included LM clerks in this mail if they'd like to forward to their meetings)

We continue in the new format

LINK INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES fot hosting & supporting Ukrainian refugees 

Pembrokeshire Welcomes Ukrainians 

We have discussed the posibility of using our Meeting House to host FAN groups and as a hub for Ukrainians to get together. We have also discussed the posibility of taking up John Hargraves invitation to use Green Apple. 

a PDF of information mainly, but not entirely, about Ukrainian refugees 

Link International: Welsh Government Supper Sponser Scheme

Notes from 29th March

Two replies from Stephen Crabb

Quaker faith in action

Food for thought & resources:

Stand up to Racsim: The Tories New Plan for Immigration is brutal – and racist. 

Watch: Human Flow by Ai Wei Wei

 We are already signed up for StatusNow4All.

And for Together with Refugees


Join the action: Refugee Tales

ALSO late addition from QARN: APPG Detention Inquiry into quasi-detention

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