Sundays at 11.00 | Friends Meeting House

Milford Haven's Sunday Meetings

We shall be gathering at our Meeting House, either in the garden (without face-masks) or indoors (with face-masks) depending on the weather.
Milford Haven's Sunday Meetings

Time & Location

Sundays at 11.00
Friends Meeting House, Priory Rd, Milford Haven SA73 2DS, UK

About the Event

If you wish to attend, please RSVP in advance. Covid19 regulations still apply, and we are required to limit the numbers in our spaces; to pre-allocate seating; to ensure 2m distancing; to insist on  the wearing of facemasks indoors; and to keep a record of all those attending for Track and Trace.  Please read our Covid19 Safety Advice before attending.

There will be an Acting Elder, who will also act as Door-Keeper,  directing you to your allocated seat/s. Those in 'bubbles' are allowed to sit together. In arranging our spaces it would be most helpful for us to know if you intend to come as a 'bubble'. 

If you are in any doubt about your health or level of risk, or if you have any symptoms that might be Covid19 like, please do not attend. 

A one-way system will apply to movement around the Meeting House and seating will be arranged to ensure that each 'bubble' is at least 2m apart. Here is a plan of the seating and one-way circulation.

The toilets will be open for use. Please wipe down any surfaces you have touched with the cleaner provided using paper towels. Bin the towels straight after, and leave the door open to help with ventilation when you leave.

We will retain our traditional pattern of Meeting: 

  • Meeting starts at about 11.00 when the first Friend takes their seat.
  • Meeting will end at about 12.00. Please do not shake hands. 
  • Notices
  • Afterthoughts
  • Rise and depart

There will be no refreshments provided. If you have a specific need, please bring your own and take away any packaging, etc. when you leave.

Socially distanced socialising may be safely carried out in the front garden: it is a long time since we have seen each other! (Strictly, we are supposed to discourage such indulgence.)

Covid19 risk assesments have been prepared both for holding Meeting in the front garden, and for holding Meeting in the Meeting House. 

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