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Doughnut Economy: West Wales Quakers

We will consider what we can do as individuals, in our lives and with the choices we make, to ensure that everyone's human rights are met while we do not overshoot the ecological ceiling of the climate.
Doughnut Economy: West Wales Quakers

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Giving time and space to considering how we can adjust our lives to the realities of climate change: what we have done, what we have yet to do. 

West Wales Quakers' Doughnut Economy discussions are part of the wider engagement with the issues by Friends.

The South Wales Area Meeting (SWAM) Environment and Sustainability  Cluster has now gathered and we share with Local Meetings the ‘draft SWAM Environment and Sustainability policy‘, and would like to receive your feedback.  You can send it to the AM Clerks or preferably post it on this blog under the tab ‘Responses to policy’ entering your comments in the box where it says ‘Leave a Reply’. Please identify your LM or group/committee.

SWAM now has a blog where environment issues can be discussed. 

Read the first Newsletter of the Environment and Sustainability Cluster.

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